farine e pasta

Here the key-words are biological and stone grinding.
In this way, both the flours and the pasta maintain all their properties unaltered, resulting in richer fiber and nutrients, which results in healthier and more digestible products. Classic flours suitable for all uses but also less widespread and used flours to be discovered, such as barley flour, excellent for biscuits, gluten-free millet and lentil flour that recent studies support helps lower the glycemic index .

Pasta dried slowly at low temperatures, in order to guarantee all the nourishment and goodness. Worthy of note is the line of pasta and flour from a local producer who cultivates ancient grains, varieties of the past that have not undergone any modification by man to increase yield, and that deals with the entire supply chain: sowing, harvesting, grinding and finally pasta production.
And if you like trying new flavors, we also have a new line made with legume flours. A focus on those with intolerances, with a complete range of gluten-free products.


All the best national and international varieties of rice to create any kind of dish in your kitchen. Noteworthy is the Baldo rice, cultivated in Veneto in our country of origin, from a farm located in the heart of the Po Delta, a tasty rice that lends itself to the preparation of excellent risottos. As for the other grain cereals, they all come from organic farming and we offer a wide selection: spelled, barley, quinoa, amaranth …


Umbrian Legumes, of course, two companies from the surrounding area provide us with these precious and fundamental foods for our diet. Varieties of local beans, chickpeas, lentils and roveja.

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