100% Umbrian extra virgin olive oil from Italian olives grown just a few meters from the mill. We offer a classic version extracted from olives of more variety and a more particular monocultivar of the Moraiolo variety.

Frantoio Ricci · Frantoio Piensi · Frantoio Ranchino – Casa Corneli

Curiosity – Green heart of Italy, Umbria is known for the beauty and integrity of its territories. Certainly contributes to this flattering fame, a tree above all: the olive tree. It is no coincidence that Umbria is the only region whose borders coincide with those of the DOP. The cultivar that represents the whole of Umbria is certainly the Moraiolo, a plant that is well suited to the character of the Umbrians; small, but strong and resistant; shy but that gives an oil with a strong organoleptic personality.


To enhance dishes and dishes, we have selected, among our types of vinegar, those produced by Borgo del Balsamico, an Emilian company synonymous with tradition and excellence in the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia D.O.P

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