We select the best wineries in the area and from Italy to provide a small but representative selection of wines for all occasions.
Among these could not miss the Orvieto ClassicoSagrantino di Montefalco, another Umbrian excellence and, to accompany your most beautiful moments or more simply for a sparkling aperitif, you will not miss the bubbles of Prosecco, Franciacorta and Champagne

Curiosity –It is believed that it was the Etruscans, in the mists of time, who excavated the first caves in the tuff to make cellars and, even today, in these cellars the wine finds rest.


From the classic IPA of the Orvietano “100 Litri” brewery, passing through a wonderful Ambrata from “San Biagio”, up to the particular elderberry or carob flowers of the first ethical microbrewery in Italy “Birra Diecinove” of Spello … we try to offer an overview of the beers most characteristic craft of Umbria.

Curiosity – Beer is the most widespread drink on our planet and despite being very modern it has very ancient origins.
Its history is over 5000 years old and its origin lies between Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Depending on the times and countries, it has changed its nature without ever betraying it, adapting itself to the tastes, culture and availability of raw materials. Its variants are almost endless and always evolving.


Starting from the classic liqueurs used in the tradition for cooking, we arrive at a selection of national quality products such as fine Italian brandies of the best brands.

We also offer local spirits up to the best international Rum and Whiskey, to satisfy all tastes, even the most demanding ones.

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