If you need sweetness this is the page for you: we have, in fact, collected a very tasty collection of the best Italian brands. Dark, bitter, with milk, with hazelnuts, praline, flavored … chocolate is like a faithful friend, ready to console and make our days less sad and, if taken in not excessive doses, it is also good for your health!


Whether you are an adult or a child, how do you manage not to be tempted by these incredible and colorful delights? Hard, soft, gelatine, stuffed, balsamic, with fruit, with or without sugar … you will surely find the ones that do for you!


Here you can find the wide range of confetti of Giovanni Mucci Confectionery. Countless specialties with combinations of refined and original tastes, but also with a traditional flavor, all made with excellent raw materials, selected from the best in the world, such as the Avola di Sicilia almond, the “Piemonte IGP” Langhe hazelnut, the Toritto almond Slow Food presidium, the green Bronte DOP pistachio, the Belgian cocoa, the criollo cocoa bean, whose plant of Mexican origin and cultivated by the Maya, gives very fragrant and little bitter white seeds. There is also a wide range of white or colored flavored sugared almonds, chocolate dragèes with liqueur or coffee, mint or chilli pepper, sugared roasted cocoa beans, sugared pistachios and, lastly, marzipan fruit cakes, one for each season: from cherries with citrus fruits, from acorns to pears, olives and chestnuts … The aromas and colors of sugared almonds and dragees are all natural. All products are certified gluten-free.

Curiosity – The Mucci confectionery was born in 1894 with Nicola Mucci, who, after an apprenticeship at the famous Caflish school in Naples, opened the first confectionery workshop in Andria. Since then the Mucci confectionery produces high quality products thanks to the ancient experience and the use of artisan methods according to the dictates of the high confectionery tradition. In March 2012 the prestigious magazine “Gambero Rosso”, in a national ranking of almond confetti producers, gave the first place to Giovanni Mucci for the Avola peeled extra – caliber 37/38. The Avola pizzuta is considered the almond par excellence and its candy can be considered the king of confetti. The secret of its goodness consists in the very thin layer of sugar that wraps a whole and peeled almond.

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